Tuesday, February 03, 2015


by Howie Good

Image source: Truth Inside of You

A three-year-old reaching for an iPod in his mother’s purse grabbed a loaded gun instead before shooting both his parents in an Albuquerque motel room on Saturday, according to news reports. --Washington Post, February 1, 2015 

Davie (FL) police are investigating how a toddler got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot his mother, Capt. Dale Engle said Monday. --Sun Sentinal, February 2, 2015

Dragons fighting
in the meadow.

What a story
it makes – their blood
yellow as dust.

There are
276 million guns
in America.

Do the math.

About 40 people
are murdered
by guns each day.

Tucked away
in a monastery
in the Northeast Kingdom,
a monk sat
in the lotus position
for 200 years,

how many ways
there are
to kill a man.

Howie Good is a senior fellow of the Dale Wisely Center for Disembodied Poetics.