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Friday, July 01, 2005


by Tamara Kaye Sellman

One of these days this bristly bitch

is gonna shake us off like so much dirty

bathwater. It’ll be a bigger howl than

Earth Day, that day--we’ll be driving

and shitting, eating and fighting

and mating, wasting every useful thing,

when suddenly, bang! – there we’ll be,

sharing a collective view from space,

loosened from her shaggy mantle.

O! Bright Dog Star! How obedient she’ll be,

watching as we dodge ourselves, millions

of lousy particles salting the lifeless firmament,

her tongue wagging. Just another day for a dog.

And afterward, it will be our turn to watch

her stretch blue hide across the void and chew

a bone, take a nap, dig her paws deep

to bury our bones where she'll never find them.

Why wait? Witness the fetch of her infinity

while you still can: how she pants, rolls over,

plays dead, rises again behind that easy smile

to chase rabbits into dusk. Nits or no nits.

Tamara Kaye Sellman is editor/publisher of MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism and the editor behind the free speech and media literacy blog:archive, Candleflame. Her work (poetry, fiction, essays) has appeared internationally and typically addresses issues of (in)tolerance, environmentalism, women's rights, censorship and other sociopolitical concerns. Her most recent work, "Peppercorns" (Gargoyle, June 2005) reflects upon mistaken cultural identity and the growing ubiquity of the skinhead youth in western Washington state.