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Saturday, September 10, 2005


by Ngoma

there are more ghosts here
than in ole hiroshima
as karma comes
knocking on the door
hand stuck out
for reparations over due
the war profiteers
vote everyone expendable
as spirits choose
to sacrifice it all
in the name of poverty and despair
nature out of balance
constipated w/global warming
til the levee broke
then the shit was on
as the suited ones w/god complexes
control the weather, news and
your imagination
fascism break dancing in the alley
waiting for a chance
upon the stage
jack asses and elephants
stand impotent
too dumb to know
that they are not in charge
the real terrorist play mind control
on presidents in photo ops
who think they talk to jesus
but only pledged to kill
sacrificing souls
that left the planet
to bring attention to the problem
as we look into the mirror
and see unsightly scars
that may no longer be ignored
naked for all the world to see
the emperor has no clothes
as excuses and dead bodies
rise to the top
like feces in broken toilets
the stench contaminates the atmosphere
the village idiot from texas
promises to fix it
sending soldiers programmed
to only shoot to kill
as human kind starves
the repair contract goes to Halliburton
like salt poured in the wounds
of whip lashed slaves
and civilization teeter totters
on the edge of chaos
nostradamus prophecies
come full surface
ass out w/ i told u so's
stamped on its butt cheeks

genocide and ethnic cleansing
drips blood on my psyche
like the days of wounded knee
and the many times before then
in this country of the free
rwanda on my mind
in this time of tragedy
king george is AWOL once more
playing golf on vacation
soldiers obedient to ignorance
turn back boats and trucks
sent to help the victims
and those who looted the world
turn help away
bloated bodies floating
bloated babies starving
bloated egos lying
no pictures of the dead
on the screen
or the newsprint and its pages
but still this crisis rages
as it asks are you listening
reading the handwriting on the wall
that says that we must work together
let's hope it's not too late
to save us all

Ngoma is a performance post, multi-instrumentalist and paradigm shifter based in Harlem, NY, who for over 30 years has used culture as a tool to raise socio-political, and spiritual consciousness. For continued news and updates visit his site Ngomazworld.