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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


by Mary Saracino

I spy a spy
in the land of the free
a spy down the block
in the house
on the phone
a spy in the office
line two it’s no joke
I smell a rat
a warrant-less tap
okayed by the man
from the bureau of prying
a rat-a-tat-tapping
illicit conniving
a whine of a deceit
a click on the line
domestically plotting
their eavesdropping crimes

I spy a spy
in the office of oval,
with eyes full of lies
and a heart full of guile
who speaks of terror
and winning the peace
as reasons for wiretaps
illegally seized
to spy after all
is power’s prerogative
surveillance of citizenry
keeps us all free
there are false gods among us
of this I am certain
purveyors of fear
running amok
they’ll do us all in
if we let them
speak truth to tyranny
don’t hesitate
stand up for liberty
before it’s too late

Mary Saracino is a novelist, memoir writer, and poet who lives in Denver, CO. Her newest novel, The Singing of Swans, is to be published by Pearlsong Press in the fall of 2006.