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Saturday, March 04, 2006


by Bill Costley

“Much information…dangerous thing,
everyone knows”, D.P. Freze prebriefs
(classified) (classified) (reclassifiers)
the [$1M] (declassification) safe-room.

“Bring your lunches. No lunch...out.”
Heads nod; hands flat on desks, eyes
staring down at numbered handbooks.
“What you do here… only done here,”
D.P. Freze cautions all new trainees.

Slowly a new neo-job boom re-fills
all deep-cellars across The District;
everyone's quietly going underground,
circumlocuting: “I’m going down."

Mothers smile; schoolchildren learn
how2hide (classified) information.
“What did you learn in school 2day?”
“How2 (reclassify) (classified), but
we were told not2tell...Anyone.”

Inexplictness becomes virtuous.
Inexplication becomes chic;
neoNation lapses…ellipses.

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Writers Union. Bill's epic-in-progress, The CHENI@D, appears here in The New Verse News.