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Thursday, May 25, 2006


by Bill Costley
for Slavoj Zizek

Whenever They say it,
it’s no-longer still-True;
They rely on lie-l@gs
& they s@p you w/them:

You f@ll for mantras:

Jobs will B technic@l;
Jobs will B @bund@nt.
Jobs will B find@ble:
M@ny jobs in Indi@!
More jobs in Chin@!
Job-boom: cyborgs!
Job-boom: n@nobots!

W@r will B victorious.
W@r will B glorious.
W@r will B cert@in.
W@r begins 2morrow.
W@r m@y B ongoing.
W@r m@y never end.
W@r’s @lw@ys On.

De@th's (just) inevit@ble.
De@th will B conquered.
De@th will B postponed.
De@th will B endur@ble
De@th will B be@r@ble.
De@th wasn’t so b@d.
De@th’s inevit@ble.

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Writers Union. The first twelve books of his epic-in progress The Cheni@d appear here in The New Verse News. Book XIII begins Volume Two here.