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Friday, August 03, 2007


by George Good

"Now what would Jesus do?" Bush told the press.
"Hey, to be honest, I could not care less."

Dick Cheney sat down for an interview
and every word from first to last was true.

Gonzalez testified to one and all
there actually was something he could recall.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas sided with
a poor black man who was condemned to death.

In humble tones Scalia would decline
to make a snap decision or opine.

Pat Robertson conceded God was dead
and spoke this mea culpa: "Sorry, Fred."

Ann Coulter to the Muslims: "I repent.
You guys just have a newer testament."

A tearful Rush discussed the urban poor,
demanding that the government do more.

Podhoretz realigned and took a vow
that Israel shouldn't be a sacred cow.

"Let's speak no more of 9-11, please,"
cried Giuliani and Fox News agrees.

"Don't cut our taxes. The conservative
who's patriotic is obliged to give."

"Pull out our troops. We chickenhawks admit
that when it comes to war we don't know shit."

At their convention the Republicans
resolved to flaunt, not hide, their many sins:

"The letters GOP henceforh will stand
for: Greed--Oil--Pollution. Ain't we grand?"

George Good has published verse in The Evansville Review, Iambs & Trochees, Light, and Contemporary Rhyme.