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Saturday, April 26, 2008


by Spiel

how was it they made you
               feel so proud
when they addressed you as lady
               in your boyface
as they slapped you around
               to teach you
               the lesson
how to become
               a man of men

because it would be
               a very naughty thing
just to station a boy
               out there
               in the sand
where the big bangs
               bang and bang-bang
all night long and
               every bloody day

because a kid surely could never spot
               those bang-bangs coming
and only real men are fit
               to bang it back

plus they would
               never dare
to ship a boy back home
               in banged-up pieces


oh how they forget
               that with your mom
they don’t have
               the right
to slap her around
               to teach her not
to show her face
               on the 5 o’clock news

and say:

he always loved loud noise
he loved his christmas drums
he…he…is……uhh he was…my…baby boy

The Poet Spiel is a tight-wired author painting naked portraits of humankind, thin-layering its hirsute beastiness and, on rare occasion, revealing its humanity. His most recent chap, "come here cowboy: poems of war," is available from For more SpielSpeak and other Spiel Info, go to his website.