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Monday, June 23, 2008


by Linda O"Connell

Going to hell in a hand basket sounds safer
than taking a plunge in the stock market.

If the American dollar won’t buy a nickel's worth of product overseas,
why am I paying sky high prices for milk and bread?

And what's with the petro places playing poker
with my tens cents per gallon either way?
Day, after day, after day.

I'm ready to stash my cash in a mason jar,
which I think
is better by far
than banks on the brink.

I used to fear the fatsos at the food buffets playing with my meat,
Now it's the Double D branded cows:
diseased and dying before we fry 'em
that makes me not want to eat.

There's more and more to worry about
E Coli on my veggies, bacteria in the air,
poison in the water,
toxins in my plastic ware.

Double Dumb's trickle down theory
opened the floodgates,
cannibalized the middle class,
sent industry and soldiers overseas,
as we the people, collectively closed our eyes, shut our mouths
and relinquished personal freedoms in the name of the great old U. S. of A.

Today it's your neighbor living on the edge,
hanging by a string, wondering what to do,
Baby the wolf is on your doorstep.
Tomorrow it could be you.

United we stand, divided we fall.
America is declining fast.
It's time for every citizen to stand up, speak out and
Get up off their big fat ass.

Linda O'Connell is a widely-published multi-genre freelance writer. Her publishing credits include Chicken Soup for the Democrat's Soul, a new release. Her personal essays have appeared in several other Chicken Soup books. Linda's poetry has been published on New Verse News. Her work has been featured in literary journals, periodicals, anthologies and newspapers.