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Sunday, October 19, 2008


by Martha Deed

is not a plumber
his name is Sam

lived in Alaska
in 1994

big hospital bills, too
(Does he need Obama’s

health reforms to save
the rest of what he owns?)

the Toledo Division of Building Inspection
laughs at his flawed ambition

exposed by John McCain – who
searching for the emblematic rural primitive

plays “you betcha” politics with a 34 year-old rubik
cube to light the embers of a failed campaign

And here’s the best for last:

Joe the Plumber has inspired
John McCain’s secret plan

to get Osama
and put him where he belongs:

say his name 20 times
on prime time TV

send the media googling
flying ‘til dawn

then watch Diane Sawyer interview
Osama Bin Laden on the rocks

next morning
in front of his cave

the morals?

they are many
they are hiding, too

Martha Deed watches world events pass by like boats on the Erie Canal. Recent publications include Big Bridge, Shampoo,, and The Buffalo News. Secret plan to get Obama inspired by co-blogger Millie Niss on's microblog.