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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Volume Nine

by Bill Costley


Long ago, CHENEY prepared
for the long haul, by playing
his own best defender. Think:
Who knows better Who he is?
Who knows Where all the bodies
were really buried? Just CHENEY.

Book XCVIII: Our Stalin, CHENEY

Our Stalin, CHENEY
preaches loyalty to anyone
loyal to him, proving steel's
stainless despite defeat, if
VPOTUS is engraved on it.

Book XCIX: CHENEY shuffles

CHENEY shuffles his worn,
marked deck of face-cards
of himself, thinking aloud:
My next administration
will be totally trustworthy,
like Scooter, loyal to me
& me alone; first, I’ll issue
a $100 stamp with my face
on it & then a $100,000-bill,
with my face on it, & then
an invisible CHENEY tank.

Book C: Finally, CHENEY

Look upon him, ye who would-be
mighty & revisit the District’s suites
where he was once walled & re-vered.
Finally, CHENEY we’ve had enuf of;
haven't we seen B&W TV's McCarthy
spinning filamentary power from lies
rewoven with pretension, unravelling
week after week after week? Only his
pre-convinced re-enjoy his re-arguing
unvarnished semi-truths, his wooden
image semi-cybernetic, quasi-alive
among us, automatically speaking
his message, grimly us hectoring...

Book CI: Wh@t Coloss@l B@lls

Wh@t coloss@l b@lls
CHENEY must have 2
announce he’s all for
gay-marriage as a matter
of states'-rights; can't
you see him smirking,
just waiting for Rush
2 denounce him as
as a closet liber@l?

Book CII: Mary Matalin’s Booking

Mary Matalin’s booking
CHENEY Family memoirs
for Scribners’ new rightwing
Threshold imprint she runs:

Dick CHENEY’s nightstand
awaits his hand-written
cheniad he's sure everyone
wants & needs to read

for rightwing perspective
& inspiration during today's
Republican party decline...
so Mary Matalin imagines

moved far below the Beltway,
down to N’O’leans w/hubby
Ragin' Cajun James [D] Carville.

Book CIII: CHENEY Stingz Dubya

Vexed by his having flexed for Dubya
while VPOTUS, CHENEY’s memoirs
sting Dubya as ‘an ordinary politician’
for having ignored CHENEY’S advice.
Blind-sided by a late-changing Dubya,
CHENEY, freed now to speak on then,
stingz Dubya as unworthy of CHENEY’S
piercing perceptionz, steel-jacketed in-
iativez, steely rezolve, absolute goalz.

Book CIV: CHENEY Can't Recall 72X

Interestingly, CHENEY
can't recall (72X) to the FBI
what he & Libby said;
but Libby can recall what
CHENEY can't. Plame/Wilson
fogs VPOTAL memory.

Book CV: VPOTUS CHENEY'S untitled

VPOTUS CHENEY’s untitled
memoirs (due out in 2011)
of his years under
POTUSes Ford & Bush2
contain “a lot of interesting
stories that ought to be told;

I want my grandkids,
20 or 30 years from now
to be able to read it &
understand what I did,
& why I did it.” [QED]

Book CVI: CHENEY reveals

CHENEY reveals a dispute
within the White House
over combatants being tried
in civilian vs military courts.

What came of it? Nothing.
What will ever come of it?
What does it matter while
those disputants walk-free?


CHENEY smiles Chenily
at the CPAC convention,
visibly glad to be seen by
everybody, still assuming
they’re all still Cheneyist.

At AIPAC they are,
reports Wonkette.

Book CVIII: CHENEY's heart attacks

CHENEY’s heart attacks him
at the CPAC convention
putting him into a DC hospital
where he’s as happy as hell,
delighted when he hears
the CPAC straw-poll results:

Ron Paul 31%, Mitt Romney 22%
Palin & Pawlenty, 7% ea.
Gingrich & Huckabee, 4% ea.
6% undecided, 5% Other.

Gingrich bobbles minimally.

Click here for Book CIX.

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco Bay area chapter of the National Writers Union.