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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Larry Litt

We have always lived in Pentagonia
City on The Hill with open pit mining
Claiming the high ground for modern progress.
Workers making metals for weapons of war
Next to factories owned by godly profiteers
Collecting art and culture to assuage their guilt.
Where scientists and inventors create new death
And new ways to save mute, damaged lives.
The holy talk of just wars, wars of the just
That fight evil with collateral damage
To families of evildoers hating our
Gaudy lives as we hate their honor killings.
We kill for good, they kill for good,
Who said two goods don’t make a
Big bad wolf Red Riding Hood?
I expected change but
Got more of the same.
Can we change?
Is change possible?
Do we really want to change?
Change into what?
I am tired of spoken, broken promises.
I want peace like an artist
who wants a museum show
in his lifetime
sadly, drunkenly aware
only Collectors on The Hill
can make it happen.
He cries for change knowing
he has always lived in Pentagonia.

Larry Litt is a writer and performer who can't decide if he’s a 'dirty old man, 'smart olfart' or 'recently bathed geezer.’The NY Times has called his work "Wryly conceived, politically provocative."