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Friday, April 30, 2010


by Isabel Wolfe-Frischman

But when you hear
of wars and rumors
of wars, do not
be troubled  Mark 13: 7

For example:
y = mx + b

b is the y intercept
Why intercept

Why intercept

y, where the x is


when the x is
cancelled out,
when the viable
numbers are

when x is my son
And x is less than
or not equal to
your son

When y = Join the Army
y is greater than
stay at home,
get food stamps

Don’t forget that
m is your slope
Start out at positive one:
down one, over one,
negative one,
Multiply this by
the number of land mines

Then graph;
Use your
rifle to draw a
straight line
in the personnel

Look for the point
that is definitely
in the middle of two lines

The generals can
the signs
Negative becomes positive

Make sure you do your homework
This will help you in your life

Isabel Wolfe-Frischman has been a tv writer and an actress (Isabel Wolfe) and has been writing poetry for about a year.