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Sunday, June 05, 2011


by John Kotula

God, Are there any Republicans in heaven?

You mean, for example,
The ones who preach a sourpuss, lock-jaw morality in public
Then in airport washrooms, DC condos and limo backseats
Do anything they can to get their dicks wet?

Yeah, those guys!

How about the ones who say
The bible is their favorite book
And Jesus is their greatest hero,
But do anything in their power
To make rich people richer
And poor people poorer.

Yeah, I’m talking about them!

Don’t forget the ones who say they want a limited government
That stays out of people’s lives
And off their backs,
But pass laws that say
A woman has to look at an ultrasound of the fetus
She has decided to abort.

Yeah, you got it!

You’re asking me are any of them in heaven?

Yeah! Are they?

Well of course they are.


Of course they are.


Wait a minute. I thought you believed in a merciful God.
I thought you believed vindictiveness would be very
Un-God like.

Yeah, but, but…

I forgive them!

Yeah, but, but…

That’s why I’m God
And you’re not.

John Kotula is an artist and writer who lives in Rhode Island.