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Sunday, December 11, 2011


 Poem by Charles Frederickson; Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote 

Wooly fleece pulled over sheepish
Droopy eyelids wide-closed false eyelashes
Mascara running for purplish cover
Smearing cheeky dimples bottomless pits

Almost truth serum antidote perfected
Hypnotic trance uninhibited vainglorious superegos
Deceiving selves into hoodwinked fake-believe
Pleasing vagary facts fanciful fiction

Unnecessary warfare immaculate deception based
Common good welfare virgin birthright
Blown chances pregnant bubbles burst
Capsized whitecaps ivory soapsuds sink

Ya gotta hava gimmicky act
Glittery nipple tassels bare-naked striptease
Gypsy moth flaming lunarocity attraction
Hairy caterpillar larva tickling fancy

Born innocent dying guiltless pretenders
Stifled anima desperately begging release
Treasonous betrayals election rapeseed victims
Shrunken head skullduggery crafty stratagem

Horny ovine flesh insider outcasts
Shearling tanned skin reversible lining
Dull finish sheen artificial oxidization
Corrosive patina grime scraped off

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