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Sunday, June 17, 2012


by Anne Davies

God’s Rottweiler, doctrinally fanatical,
Thinks American nuns are much too radical
With thoughts and terminology
That shake up Vatican theology
Alas, the time is past for plungin’
Heretical sisters into the dungeon
Where a session on the rack
Would teach them never to answer back.

Benedict sees church authority tanking:
Time to give strong women a spanking
He’s not so severe with pedophiles
Who seduce the young with priestly wiles
They’re let off with a slap on the wrist,
Uppity sisters get the iron fist.

Far be it from agnostics to be critical
Of the Pope’s arguments Jesuitical
But it could be too late to bolt the latch
Pope Benedict may have met his match.

Anne Davies is a fund-raising writer by profession and a writer and versifier by avocation. Her work has been published in local and regional papers. She lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.