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Saturday, March 02, 2013


Poem by Charles Frederickson
Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote 

Sustainable development meets present-day needs
Without compromising future generations’ legacy
Haunted by past demonic plagues
Climate change radical progressive transformation

Essentials food water sanitation shelter
Legitimate jobs ensuring equitable opportunities
Indeed greed poverty becomes endemic
Living beyond perceived ecological means

Endangered humanimals surviving minerals extraction
Diversion of watercourses heat emission
Noxious gases leaked into atmosphere
Commercial forests genetic life-support manipulation

Growth has no set limits
Beyond which lies ecological disaster
Rising costs diminishing causal returns
Taking into account systematic exploitation

Villains and victims joining forces
Unchained reactions missing vital links
Behavioral modification attitudes procedures approaches
Unification of economic ecological factors

Mega-cities deforestation materialism over-fishing commercialism
Inextricably related Common Cause challenges
Combined positive energy people power
We’ll succeed or fail together.

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