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Saturday, October 12, 2013


by Tom Karlson

financed by Iberian Jewry
the Admiral, Christian or Jew, Spaniard or Italian
leads 120 men in the
Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
sailing south and west 
India bound
crewed by:
Milton Friedman and his Chicago University goons
     in charge of propaganda, interrogation, discipline,
     race and class consciousness 
Prescott Bush and George Armstrong Custer
     compose the voyage manifesto and mission
below deck are the sun-dried souls of
Rasputin, the Popes, Sylvester the Second and Benedict the Ninth
     in charge of rape, incest, and family values
Pinkerton and J Edgar Hoover
     spying,   pimping, and procuring stool pigeons
Kenneth Lay 
     finance, mergers, and loans
Edward Teller  
Robert E Lee’s horse Traveler
will show the way home
where Ferdinand and Isabella’s bishops
find Jews to murder and maim, books to burn, Moors to exterminate

Columbus will trade
measles, diphtheria, small pox, and malaria
for gold and land
as he works out the science of genocide on Hispaniola
never forgetting the University’s tools of slavery   colonization
religious fanaticism   and free market capitalism    

Tom Karlson is founder of Poets for Peace, Long Island, NY.