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Saturday, August 02, 2014


by Charles Frederickson

Borderline Gaza underground trading places
Insufficient economic lifeline subterranean threat
Booby-trapped shaft grinding to halt
Both sides’ losses underwhelming gains

I know the sun rises
Every morning and there’s light
At end of tunnel darkness
Insightful optimistic outlook hopeful redemption

If you can see glimmers
Where collapsed cave-in winds down
You’re looking the wrong way
Dim prospects no exit unhappiness

Encountering mountaintop ascent don’t quit
Keep striving climb over obstacles
Find pass through tunnel underneath
Only way to go upward

Shortcut drilling through planet crust
Existent molten mess called asthenosphere
On which floats Earth’s cool
Epidermis tectonic plates way out

At given point you decide
To follow disintegrating candlewick flicker
There’s no going back total
Focus definite purpose concentrated viewpoint

Panic causes blurry tunnel vision
Stress prone to untimely pressure
Calm acceptance of danger allows
Reassessing situation choosing viable options

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