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Friday, February 06, 2015


by Charles Frederickson & Saknarin Chinayote

Whose world is it anyway
Borderless planet flooded azure blue
No deity superior to all
Others praying to whichever listens

Unalterable creed makes tenets sacrosanct
Feminine sexuality emancipating driven women
Barbaric uncivil wrongs ignorance barbarism
Detrimental to everything save war

Universe of pure unadulterated hatred
Without knowing or understanding why
Dogma forced down parched throats
No violent intolerant extreme endures

Faceless weak narrow-minded trapdoor
Freedom of speech slammed shut
Censored opinions intent on recreating
World in own perverted image

Medieval mindsets dominating modern crusade
Bent distorted time-bomb warps confusing
Madness with mission malignant stupidity
Uncommon cause War Crimes Inquisition

Our real enemy is fanaticism
Duped by superstitions rumors black-and-blue lies
Imposing domination controlling underlings’ Fate
Stifling creative freedom of expression

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