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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


by Charles Frederickson

Natural order is the way
   Things are without outsider interference
      Mortals yet to learn how
         To coexist in balanced harmony

         Astronomers have discovered that our
      Universe is getting consistently darker
   Star numbers falling lost twinkle
Points of light diminishing returns

Global warming industrial contamination and
   Passive Indifferent negligence adversely effect
      Climate change air clean water
         Quick-change weather conditions increasingly erratic

         Misguided protectionism of unilateral one-sidedness
      Contributes toward disunity violence insecurity
   Making soiled earth a more
Unsafe unjust and uncivilized place

 More merciful kind compassionate tolerant
   World order is urgently needed
      To help save critical condition
         Endangered planet discovering emergency remedies

         Concerned eco-crusaders must embark on
      Mission Possible to ensure that
   Proud pasts lie ahead for
Future generations – all our kids

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