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Saturday, June 06, 2015


by Gil Hoy

So it’s bound to be
    Hillary (thank god)
Obama can’t and
      Warren gave her word 
and if donkey's second best’s lust
       full hubby     can please
keep his      self-destructive philandering
                  habits to himself         
   and both of you please stop         
                       taking big money for
            giving speeches because
      it’s all about public service and       
remember  to              get all money
             out of politics anyway             and it better 
be Bush                      on the elephant side 
just in case because 
                         for one reason
     who could begrudge a man for 
defending his own brother  against wmd
        and another is anyone but    those fruit cakes 
from Texas Florida or            Wisconsin  and also 
he’s better than the other wacky tea party folks and

Editor's note: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush images from DonkeyHotey.

Gil Hoy studied poetry at Boston University, majoring in Philosophy and Political Science, and received an MA in Government from Georgetown University and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. Gil started writing his own poetry in February last year. His poems have been published most recently in The New Verse News, The Antarctica Journal, Third Wednesday, The Potomac, and The Zodiac Review.