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Thursday, November 05, 2020


by Catherine Gonick

“Animated Water” by Dragonlord-Daegen at DeviantArt

of all the light sent by the sun, blue scatters the most in all directions

to be seen by everyone 


it fills our sky and waters, most of our planet when seen from space,

yet in the rest of nature blue is rare,  

hard to find in minerals and plants, or food, except in blueberries 

and cheese, and difficult to make, ask any chemist


O blue of lapis lazuli, sleep and twilight, moon and Monday, ribbon

and blood, of medieval cathedral windows, glaciers, and forget-me-nots


O blue warm and cool, in hues of indigo, ultramarine and aquamarine,

turquoise and teal


blue that lowers our pulse rate, warns of poisons, protects against

the evil eye when used in pendants, painted on doors and houses


there is a blue of stability and distance, of peace and sadness, 

eyes of people who survived ice


a blue of harmony, seen in the flag of the United Nations,

a blue of storms, in uniforms for soldiers and police


but for the most part blue is everywhere we’re not—and invites

us to join it


of all the light that reaches Earth, blue is the sun’s favorite 

Catherine Gonick's poetry has appeared in literary magazines including Notre Dame Review, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, and Sukoon, and in anthologies including in plein air and GrabbedShe works in a company that mitigates the effects of climate change.