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Saturday, March 09, 2024


by Judy Juanita

To the tune of Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold Em”

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What have you got to lose?
Dude, the Donald Trump blues
& his one-man wrecking crew
Only wall he's built is the wall
between me and you

We been disagreeing since his first run
And that’s been half the fun
Going to bed mad
Waking up glad

But this clown's not buying Kleenex
For the tears that'll fall like rain
When he slices up Social Security
Makes the US Post Office history
Gives those gainful jobs to red state Billy Bobs

But you going behind my back
To vote in this crackerjack
Saying what we got to lose?
The Donald Trump blues

In 2016, we knew he was talking smack
Bout Mexicans taking jobs from blacks
We knew Sporting Life ain't picking cotton
Ain’t going back to the lowly bottom

We know he pits the po' against the po'
The fear of being po'er than po’
A fire-breathing dragon ready to gun
Down the country, the Constitution

He already lit the fuse
On January Sixth
What you got to lose?
This here’s your Wanted
Dead or Alive moment

Don't kill true love waiting on
A rich man to keep his promise
Clowns don't buy Kleenex
What the hell he gon do next?

That’s the for real Donald Trump blues
This clown ain't buying Kleenex
What the hell you gon do next?
We all gotta lot to lose

It’s no if-and-or-maybe
What the hell we gon do

Judy Juanita's latest book of poetry Gawdzilla equates the filmic Godzilla to US imperialism, racism, and sexism. Her first collection Manhattan my ass, you're in Oakland won the American Book Award 2021. Her short story collection The High Price of Freeways won the Tartt Fiction Award and was published by the University of West Alabama [Livingston Press, 2022]. Her semi-autobiographical novel Virgin Soul [Viking, 2013] follows a naive college journalism major in the 1960s who joins the Black Panther Party and ends up editing its weekly newspaper.