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Saturday, December 24, 2005


by Bill Costley


Cheney isssss The Dick.
Cheney re-equals Dick NiXXXon.
Cheney runs Bush; Bush runs scared; Scared runs rampant.
How many Cheneys does it take 2eXch@nge our life-bulb? (None.)


Mince the rich.
B@tter the middle.
Gre@se the poor.
The rich fe@st;
the middle f@sts;
the poor st@rf on rood.*


L’Envoy of Chaucer

O moral Gower! this book I direct
To thee, and to the philosophical Strode,
To vouchesafe, where need is, to correct,
Of your benignities and zeales good.
And to that soothfast Christ that *starf on rood
With all my heart, of mercy ever I pray,
And to the Lord right thus I speak and say:

“Thou One, and Two, and Three, etern on live,
That reignest ay in Three, and Two, and One,
Uncircumscrib’d, and all may’st circumscrive,
From visible and invisible fone
Defend us in thy mercy ev’ry one;
So make us, Jesus, for thy mercy dign,
For love of Maid and Mother thine benign!”

Explicit Liber Troili et Cresseidis. [1385 CE]

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Writers Union.