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Friday, January 27, 2006

cam·paign (n.)

a canzone dedicated to BushCo,
manifest destiny, and pre-emptive strikes

by Elizabeth Pietrzak

On the west side cascade forests along
The crusted river banks of snow
Covered rabbit scat they drafted a long
Term unalterable plan to run along
Side the spiral studded milkshake
Moon. Majors and generals feigned deep longing
Try to understand, leave a few stickers along
The way, don't ask don't tell helped
Delay inevitable foray with stray help
Full timber gods. Social activists have long
Understood the true desire of the pale
Misty mountains, sky demons so pale

Would descend to snowcapped peaks to impale
Selves through heartless soul, well met to a long
Standing partnership of veiled empty pailed
Trial and error. The blushing moon paled
Against the clouds without neon glow
Worms gathered again in convention pail
Unknowingly awake await for ugly pale
Crust of dried and devoured milkshake.
History denies the fact of the milkshake
Tale how the righteous balled faced pale
Male tail crack team of commandoes help
Keep the ignorant in line stacked neatly help

Deferred and de-burred and in the process help
The salmon fill the bellies and the pails
Of the lonely fisherman asleep. Only help
Can collect the remains. Only then can help
Invigorate dead deserted downtown long
Time scholars discovered evidence that helped
A local board of blind brats ultimately helped
Determine the fate of the fox glove long ago.
Understood that beginning ends in the status quo
Mildly awakened. Fools only fought to help
Arrange another round of milkshakes
To appease the hungry homeless milkshake

Deprived minions. In a struggling milkshake
Economy where the desire and intent is to help
A pressured city by providing a milkshake
For every daughter, success lies in taking the milkshakes
Out of the claws of the righteous pale
Faced conquerors. To allow them milkshake
Control or segregation of milkshakes
Of all colors and sizes, sets in motion all along
To nullify the dream milkshake freedom stream prolong
The inevitable outcome that any divisive milkshake
Management team will ultimately undergo..
Deadly conception doomed forever to forgo

The shaft of the knife deals the strife of long ago
Before the first coming of the singular milkshake
Which crawled from primordial slime eons ago
A parting gift linked from traced through ufo
Divided family guided missile implants helped
Imagine the strength of the lowly idaho
potato to crush the fresh flowers dewed eau
Below the tinkling droplets of the pale
Lesser ape leader inferior actions make pale
Der führer atrocities all who come thither and fro
Before ever and always wasn't a reliable long
Term solution. Simply did not belong.

As the morning sun quickly became long
Endless night, as the spirit did long to go
Far, far away from any calcified milkshake
Dream stray, as the last possibility of any help
Dwindled away, all that was left was an empty, rusted pail.

Elizabeth Pietrzak, Claremont, California, is a mostly-vegetarian poet who spurns the meat of global over-consumption in favor of a sustainable, locally grown lifestyle. She works in the theatre program at the University of La Verne and is pursuing her MFA at Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is working on her first novel as well as a collection of poetry, and has published two chapbooks, The Scent of Kisses in the Dark and Room in My Suitcase.