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Monday, January 30, 2006


(from unLerner/beLoewe’s My neoTeX@n)
by Bill Costley

Well, after all, Dubya’s just an ordinary neoTeX@n

who desires nothing more that an ordinary chance
to live exactly as he likes & do precisely what he wants;
a sub-average neoTeX@n he is, of Napoloeonic whim,
who likes to ride his bike while commanding strife,
doing whatever he thinks will most amuse him,
a perfectly ordinary neoimperial neoTeX@n.

But once we let a neoTeX@n run our House, our serenity was thru!
He bankrupted our home, from the Gulf to Arctic Dome,
& then went on with the enthralling fun of overhauling the whole World, too!

We let a neoTeX@n run our House & now we're up against The Wall!
After each new war we've found he had another war in mind;
rather than negotiate, do something nobody really likes at all,
talk of John Maynard & Milton Keynes, he only wants to talk of War;
avoid the U.N. & Europarliament, engaging in yet another War.

We let a neoTeX@n run our life & invited eternal strife:
He sought WMDs with his anxiously sweaty hands...why,
I'd be equally as willing for a Nazi dentist to be drilling
than to ever again let such a neoTeX@n run our Life!

I'm a very gentle man, even-tempered & good-natured,
who you never see complain, who has lactic acid by the quart in every vein,
A patient man am I, down to my chilly fingertips,
the sort who never could, never would,
let an insulting remark escape my lips.
An habitually gentle man.

But once we let a neoTeX@n run our life, such patience had no chance.
He solicited advice, our replies were concise, he grinned very nicely
& then went out & did exactly…what he’d just already done!

I’m man of spit & polish, who never speaks above a hush,
but I find I’m using language that would make a TeX@n blush!
Once we let a neoTeX@n run our life, he plunged us into strife,
now members of our House tie slip-knots 'round their necks,
volunteering for his edition of a neoTeX@n Inquisition!

I'm a quiet-living man, who prefers to spend the evening in the safety of
his rooms,
where the atmosphere’s as restful as undiscoverable WMD bombs,
a pensive man am I, of philosophic joys, who likes to meditate, contemplate,
far from neo-insanity’s madly inhuman noise; a quiet-living man.

But once we let a neoTeX@n run our life, our sabbaticals from War were through,
in a line that apparently never ends came a covert army of his friends,
secretly planning & plotting to alter everything in & around & about the U(SA);
once his secret whispering cabal studied us under microscopical glass,
his secretive Master’s rage shattered our protective plexiglass!

We've let a neoTeX@n run our life, we've let a Bush run our life, we've let
Dubya run our life!
How much longer will it take this neoTeXan to ruin our House & Nation?

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Writers Union.