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Monday, October 29, 2007


poeArtry by Charles Frederickson

Amazing trail blazing democRAT RACE
    VIPer sniper venomous campaign-in’ asps
        Wriggly debate shedding scaly glisten
            iPod split p’s & q’s spilt soup

Run Hillary Rodham Clinton run
    Arkansassy First Lady Prexy-in-waiting
        Bill’s better half frosty cupcake
            Skirting domestic affairs pantsuit issues

Barrack to Future Movin’ On
    Helloha all-American-do / will-do O+ transfusion
        Oprah’s fave physically morally fit
            Minus sneer Cheney’s cuz McO’bamawitzson

John Edwards cutie pee-can pie
    Veep designate Gored by bull
        Photogenic memory cool hair conditioner
            Declaring war on split ends

Gov Richardson borderline macho honcho
    Old West New Mex-Max-Mix-Moxie
        Buffalo Bill pushing Hispanic button
            UNity ambassador North Korea nogo-gotiator

Christopher Dodd revitalized Peace Corpse
    Joe Biden time ready-to Delaware
        Dennis Kucinich Don’t Gitmo Satisfaction
            Gravel-blind ex-spurt don’t Alaska

Dr. Charles Frederickson. Name: D. Mentor Stan Doubt; Nickname: Nun; Address: Genial Devilry State of Denial; Zip: B9-1-1; Phone: Taco Bell; Faxhole: telepathetic moonsense UFOcult; Sexile: manimal; He-male: e-diot dot commie; vagabondAge: Ironic; Blood: Taipei; Vision: 20-20-20; Religion: Born Against trance-incidental Vegetation; Education: U-Nique BSer IV Leak Overachiever; Major: Mickey Mouse Pad Commuter Séance; Club Memberships: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA; Special Abilities: Unmentionable Listless Hypist; halluciDate: Blind Man’s Bluff TGIF.