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Friday, October 05, 2007


by Wayne Crawford

1. The Republican Immigration Policy

Go home, immigrant. Go back
to your filthy, crowded homes,
your war-arteried skies,
your barren land, your foreign
tongue. Go back to your hunger,
your hopelessness, your manual,
minimal skills, your diet
of insects and leaves, spoiled meat,
toxic fish, and your angry god.

Go back to your hurricanes,
your uncontrolled fires and floods,
your fleas,
your stolen goods, knives and guns,
diseases, rapists, your dumb
sons of bitches. Go back to your lies
and your packs of liars, your drugs
and your drug lords, your hordes
of law-breakers. We don’t want
you here, now or ever, never did.
Go back, go back to stay, and
take your family with you.

II. The Democrats’ Immigration Policy

We love immigrants.
We are all immigrants.
Immigrants are us.
(sing) We are the party of , We are the party of ....
We are the party that parties
while the other one organizes churches.
We speak White English.
We speak Black English.
We speak Spanish, Spanglish, yiddish and New Jerseyish.
(sing) We are the party of, we are the party of....
We do the white handshake. We do the black handshake.
We do the homo hug, we dig Latino love.
We’re Democrats. Not aristocrats.
Immigrants, not fat cats.
love immigrants.
(sing) We are the party of, we are the party of....

Wayne Crawford manages the online literary journal, Lunarosity, and is co-managing editor of Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders, an annual anthology of New Mexico writers and others in that region. His work has appeared in New Verse News before, as well as in Mannequin Envy, Shampoo, Motherbird, and many others. His latest publication, a book-length collection of poetry, Sugar Trail, was released in September 2007.