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Monday, January 28, 2008


by H.L.

With thanks for the quotations to AP writer Eileen Sullivan
in her Wired article
“Disabled Spy Satellite Threatens Earth”

Please don’t let me down now my fearless leader
Don’t make ’08 something to remember
Spy in the sky or die,
Super bowl, state of the economy,
Call out the Marines.
How about Chicken Little just when we need a fable maker?

“The spacecraft contains hydrazine -
which is rocket fuel - according to a government official
who was not authorized to speak publicly
but spoke on condition of anonymity.”

In the spirit of a presidential secrecy
You could write a book on this Thatcher iron knee conspiracy
Proving that Reagan’s vision of space junk invasions
Was not the kind of thing left to science . . .

“The officials spoke on condition of anonymity
because the information is classified as secret.”

It was something you could only learn from B grade movies
Where side trips to Disneyland from Loma Linda
Get so tricky NPR had to invent a cover story
That only sounded like it was the truth
But that’s okay the danger may not be as evil
As it could be if we knew what we thought
It was before we figured out what it was we meant
As we have learned, intelligence isn’t as important as it sounds
When the decider can’t tell you what he means—

“ ‘The satellite, which no longer can be controlled,
could contain hazardous materials, and
it is unknown where on the planet it might come down,’
they said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity...”

H.L. is a computer-nerd bicyclist who cranks out poetry as he rides along prairie grass and gravel roads. He says, "War is not the Answer / Ride a Bicycle," and more at cornfedtrouble.