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Friday, March 07, 2008


PoeArtry by Charles Frederickson & Saknarin Chinayote

Earth’s spit-polished veneer chipped away
     Without skin we cannot live
          Sea levels rise coastlines retreat
               Overflowing glacial teardrops flooding basins

               Spitfire core molten anima meltdown
          Crust scraped like burnt toast
     Streaming butter sugary cinnamon sprinkles
Teapot spout letting off steam

Wanton destruction of lonesome planet
     Diminishing water supplies agricultural clashes
          Recycled excuses uprooted windswept soil
               Heat waves droughts tempestuous extremes

               Smoothing wrinkles soothing battle scars
          Plump wrathful grapes sun-dried sultanas
     Twisted clinging vines seedless clusters
Early hoarfrost siege strip searched

Climate change shattering glass greenhouses
     Scorned thunderbolt fury lightning rage
          Flash floods clear as mudslides
               Tornados funneling disaster homeless refugees

               Nothing remains behind thin-skinned masque
          Groovy slits baiting nebulous void
     Bipolar pointless compass run amok
Desperate humanimal instinct leaking out

This eco-friendly PoeArtry Thairade was created by No Holds Bard Charles Frederickson and coloraturartist Saknarin The team also edits AvantGardeTimes, a cosmopolitan, sharp cutting edge PoeArtryZine.