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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


by Aaron Gillego

Obameo, Obameo, wherefore art though Obameo,
Deny thy Muslimhood and refute those charges,
Or, if thou wilt not, I will be sworn in as president,
And I'll no longer be a Senator.
'Tis but thy party affiliation that you're my enemy.
Thou art thyself, though not a Maverick.
What's Maverick? It is nor Post, nor Fox,
Nor Wall Street Journal, nor any other paper
Belonging to Rupert Murdoch. O, be some other network.
What's in the news? That which we call a pig
Is still a pig even with some lipstick on,
So Obameo was quoted, though that's not what he meant,
Referring to that dear Palin, who talks of oil,
Without any real experience. Obameo, doff thy party,
And for that Hillary, who wants no part of thee,
Her votes I'll take all myself.

Aaron Gillego resides in Miami, FL, where he teaches high school English. He pursued his MFA in Poetry at the University of Miami. He has been published by The Advocate and has contributed two poems previously to The New Verse News.