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Sunday, May 17, 2009


by Anne G. Davies

Bush has gone back to his scrublands in Texas
He's neither visible nor audible
Considering the havoc he wreaked on the world
His decision is wholly laudable.

Not so the man who pulled the strings
Issuing directives from underground
Now Cheney holds forth on talk shows
Playing that old Conservative sound:

Colin Powell was never one of us
He's a crypto-Demo at heart
Good riddance to that turncoat Spector
I'm delighted to see him depart.
Bless dear Rush, who provides surety
That there will always be Republican purity.

I weary of hearing about torture
What's wrong with a few shocks to the scrotum?
If it produces the info we need,
We should praise our guys and promote them.

Last words from the Prince of Darkness
As he descends once more to his lair:
Only the GOP can guarantee
That Al Quaeda will remain Over There.

Anne G. Davies is a fund-raising writer by profession and a writer and versifier by avocation. Her work has been published in local and regional papers. She lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.