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Saturday, May 16, 2009


by Diane Raptosh

Melting Arctic Makes Way for Man
Man Pretending to Fall Off Bridge Actually Falls

Mannequin Threatens to Bust Ohio Barbecue Joint
Australian Man Chases Fugitive Emu

Lebanese Asked Not to Kiss Three Times in Anti-Flu Drive
Farmers Fear Pigs May Get Swine Flu from People

Old Man Cuffed in Italy for Coke in Oranges
Osprey Loses Carp Lunch to Power Line, Causing Outage

Alabama Man Sleeps with Gun, Shoots Self
Girl Beats Back Muggers with Marching Band Baton

In Brief: Loud Sounds Scare Scrawny Folk Most
Lawnmower Saves Man from Exploding Grenade

Iraq Memo: 'Everyone Knows Someone Killed by the War'
Analysis: Churchgoers Most Likely to Back Torture

Photo Gallery: Glazier Dies by Own Nail Gun
Photo Gallery: Physician Does Her Rounds in Gaza Hospital

In Depth: Big Pharma Fouls U.S. Water Supply
Handheld Movie: Mining by Mountaintop Removal

Battling Death, Armies, and One's Own Preoccupations
View: We Are Each of Us Torturers in America

Russia's Main Steel Plant Tells Workers 'Grow Potatoes Here'
New Frog Species Abound in Madagascar

Couple Detained for Sex on Windsor Castle Lawn
Happy Serf Liberation Day

Condi Channels Nixon
Geometry is All

Diane Raptosh teaches literature and creative writing at the College of Idaho. She has published three collections of poems, Just West of Now (Guernica Editions, 1992), Labor Songs (Guernica, 1999), and Parents from a Different Alphabet: Prose Poems (Guernica, 2008). She has published widely in journals as The Los Angeles Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, New Verse News, and Women's Studies Quarterly. Her poetry and nonfiction has appeared in numerous anthologies in the U.S. and Canada. She recently won her third fellowship in literature from the Idaho Commission on the Arts.