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Monday, June 01, 2009


by Kim Doyle

It never occurred to J.P. Morgan
(the bank not the man) that other
banks would ignore all their risk
controls, and roll the world of finance
into credit fault swap knots.
It never occurred to me I’d care
at all about this.

It never occurred to Dick Cheney
(the man not the Vice-President)
that someone would be fake drowned
88 times, or maybe it did make rhyme
and reason to his unreasoning little mind.
It never occurred to me that representatives
of my country would act like Nazis.

I am so naïve about greed, avarice and hate
that it dates me as a hippie, I guess.
The Weather Men would not have gotten us
into this mess, they would have just blown it up or off.
No wonder Bank of America was on a target on their shortlist.

It never occurred to me I’d say this.

Mr. Kim Doyle notes: "It occurs to me a lot of things have not occurred to me and I wonder if having too much fun is at the root of all this."