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Sunday, June 07, 2009


axiom of the late Dr. George Tiller

by Andrew Rihn

the woman’s body is not a silent thing
but the gun speaks its own language

the woman’s body is not using equal terms
but the gun can simplify difficult equations

the woman’s body is often obscured
but the gun can solve for X

the woman’s body is unresponsive
but the gun marks the spot where words fail

the woman’s body leaves quietly after dinner
but the gun can be colder than fingernails

the woman’s body does not stay the night
but the gun is warmer than flesh, hotter than a temper

the woman’s body is like an absent disease
but the gun is a fever, forever sweating

the woman’s body is a dry thing, without taste
but the gun holds a sweetness

the woman’s body is dressed in nice shapes
but the gun has such an elegantly carved handle

the woman’s body demands its attention
but the gun’s aim is so straight

the woman’s body is everywhere
but the gun is self-correcting, a virus-hunter

the woman’s body is neither animal nor vegetable
but the gun is not a vegan

the woman’s body is unwilling or unable to speak
but the gun will not complain

the woman’s body is a symbol
but the gun is something real

the woman’s body holier than it can know
but the gun is a cleansing agent

the woman’s body unapproachable
but the gun mails invitations every day

the woman’s body is as irrelevant as the name of Lot’s wife
but the gun is a proper noun

the woman’s body is surely crying out for me
and this gun is smarter than the doctor

Andrew Rihn is a 25 year old writer and student living in Canton, OH. He is the author of two chapbooks, While Grasshoppers Mate (Spare Change Press, 2008) and The Alphabetical Atheist (Scars Publications, 2009). Two chapbooks, The Accidental Body and America Plops and Fizzes, are forthcoming from New Sins/Winged City Press and sunnyoutside, respectively.