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Friday, May 21, 2010


by Ian Demsky

We believe we’re headed for the end of life as we know it in America—
the tyranny of the government, the threat of socialism.
We’re here to make a statement. We’re very concerned about our country.
We don’t like big spending.  We don’t like big government.
Why push healthcare on people who have excellent health care?
We’re here to help change America

because we love America.
We want to ensure that America will always be a great country.
We’re out here because we actually care.
Give away your money, fine. But give away my money, that’s socialism.
We don’t have all the answers but we know government
is not the answer.  God bless this country.

McCarthy and John Wayne had the right idea for this country.
People are taught generation after generation not to go out and work.  That’s unAmerican.
We’re tired of the spending.  We’re tired of being lied to by the government.
We need to get back to the Christian vision our founding fathers had for America,
and stop the spread of fascism and socialism.
There are terrorists in the country and Obama doesn’t even care.

We want to stop the government takeover of health care
We want to see the U.S. Constitution again governing this country.
Mr. Obama is a socialist
and by definition socialism is not American.
The Constitution says the president must be born in the United States of America.
Everyone knows that the government

can’t run anything effectively and if you think the government
can run health care, then my friend,
you’re smoking the funny stuff. His mother was white, so he’s not an African American—
but he’s going that way because it pays off for him. We’re losing our country.
We don’t believe Obama believes in the Constitution or America.
Health care? That’s not a bill, that’s socialized. 

ObamaCare is euthanasia, it’s rationing, it’s socialism.
They’re turning the country into Amerikastan: Of the Gov’t, by the Gov’t, for the Gov’t.
We need to get rid of the Department of Education, the EPA, the IRS, to take back America.
There’s free clinics, emergency rooms. You can go to any hospital and get health care.
It hasn’t even been a year yet and he’s already destroyed most of the country.
Did you know President Obama is considering banning fishing in America?

Now you know the truth behind America’s march toward socialism.
You can see how the liberals who run America are using their power to implement their radical agenda.
Ask yourself, how much do you really care?  What will it take for you to fight for this great country?

Author’s note: This sestina is adapted from footage of Tea Party rallies and events shot by New Left Media.
Ian Demsky, a longtime investigative newspaper journalist, often draws from public records to help make visible what J.G. Ballard called the "invisible literatures" of our society.  He is enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Idaho.