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Monday, May 31, 2010


by Earl J. Wilcox

               After Robert Frost

Something there is
that loves a wall,
that sends Alaska ’s
ex-governor into a tizzy
to get hers built before
the next door neighbor
can catch her tending
her grandchild’s birthday party,
or jogging in her compound
to shed a few pounds
she might have layered on
attending Tea Party buffets,
Glen Beck’s Ditto Head Breaking News,
Rush’s Sing Along---
or watch her
gazing wistfully into the sunset
far into Russia .
Building good walls
was ever her mantra.
One could do worse
than be a good wall builder.

Earl J. Wilcox writes about aging, baseball, literary icons, politics, and southern culture. His work appears in more than two dozen journals; he is a regular contributor to The New Verse News. More of Earl's poetry appears at his blog, Writing by Earl.