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Sunday, June 27, 2010


by Linda De Grand

with condolences to Annie McChrystal

As a good military wife, I have to ask -
Stan, Stan, how could you?
We were good. Visits short,
30 days a year give or take.

As a good military wife, I can sacrifice.
But now you’ll be on the home front 24/7.
You’re supposed to be awaaaay.
Not here on permanent leave.

As a good military wife, what am I supposed to do with you?
You eat one meal a day,
sleep four hours a night. (Don’t get any ideas……)
And  run seven miles a day.  Wanna make that more?

As a good military wife, I’ll pack  lunch for you.
No need for gourmet treats
With your Jack-in-the-Box tastes.
Make it an all day hike.

As a good military wife
I know all about the chain of command, but,
President Obama, how could you do this to a patriot –
a patriotic wife that is.

Linda De Grand is a business and creative non-fiction writer, living in Raleigh, NC.