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Sunday, June 06, 2010


by Andrew Hilbert

my guess is as good as theirs
throwing around solutions
that sound ridiculous
as if willy wonka employed
oompa loompas
to come up with solutions
as whimsical as possible
to this problem

but in the movie
the kids are never fixed
they're just rolled off the screen
with a song and dance
and the audience is supposed
to forget they ever turned blue
tiny, got sucked up a chocolate tube

i get the feeling we're going
through that psychedelic tunnel scene
where gene wilder's eyes get crazy
he knows he's making things up
as he goes along
but that's the fun

but with the dead bodies of wildlife
piling up
it's hard to call this game fun
it's hard to have faith in anything anymore
in our willy wonka world
hopey changey sloganeering
is actually applicable here

soon i suspect
they'll propose plugging up the leak
with dead turtles, seagulls, seals
and whatever else bp's killing
out there

they'll cross their fingers
and hope it works
but it'll be presented in song and dance
and of course,
NO ONE is to blame here!
it'll be rolled off the stage
and never seen again
and we'll all breathe *phew*
and sarah palin can
comfortably fall back
on her red high heels
and once again chant

Andrew Hilbert lives and works in Orange County. He also edits Beggars & Cheeseburgers magazine.