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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Poem by Charles Frederickson; Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote

Wrapping flags around military unintelligence
Bankrupt ethics inequality sinking dictatorships
Egregious income disparity tribal divides
Loose water-cannon tear gas cry-sis

Misguided NATO air-strikes ignoble conquests
UNsmart bombs killing innocent civilians
Grief-stricken mourners seeking hidden resolve
Allahu Akar reciting unanswered prayers

US coerced into veto vote
Defying almost Unified moral majority
Illegal settlements Muslim world concerns
Palestinian homeland bullets vs. ballots measures

(D)anger intensifying guttural voices stifled
Iranian mercenary hooligan Basijis deployed
Fat-cat vis-à-vis chat-rat blogosphere endgame
Scapegoats milked spitfire barbeque grilled

Libya wrought iron-fisted fissure crackdown
Algeria standoff pat-riots media censored
Yemen anti-regime crippled student paralysis
Morocco  Djibouti  Syria semi-popular discontent

Bahrain Sunni pitted against Shiite
Venomous Pearl Square secular implosion
Jordan King Abdullah enacting reformation
Comprehensive dialog battling corruption fraud

Kismet prophecy dispel boogeyman fear-mongers
Crude oily motives jangle nerves
Uncorked champagne pops youth bubbles
Genie shrinking back into bottle

Collaborative up-stARTISTS Charles Frederickson and Saknarin Chinayote have created more than a thousand colorful hand-drawn, colorful e-gadfly etchings. Art gallery exhibits can be accessed in the archives of Ascent Aspirations, Listen and Be Heard, New Verse News, Poetry Cemetery and Avant-Garde Times. Published covers and graphics artwork have appeared in Dance to Death, Decanto, Eclipse, Poetry Sz and Taj Mahal Review.