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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Poem by Charles Frederickson; Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote

Architects reconfiguring Embraved New World
Blueprint sans borders boundaries vanish
Unblinking gaze sameness refocused heavenward
Transcending political ethnic religious differences

Giant jigsaw missing unfit pieces
Pangaeo supercontinent Paleozoic fossils driftage
What lies beneath bipolar icebergs
Plate tectonics moving cosmic lithosphere

Center of gravity shifting from
Atlantic to Pacific dominance threatened
Pinball axis tilt unstable cataclysm
Spinning anticlockwise uncharted directions vortex

Calm before almighty raging storm
Seismic events fault lines drawn
Hate dynamic feeding fearful distrust
Tug of peaceful coexistence frayed

Humanure dignity conflict identity crisis
Celestial eclipse seething bitter resentment
Bellicose violent antagonism unleashing hostility
Demonizing frothy mad dog opponents

Collaborative up-stARTISTS Charles Frederickson and Saknarin Chinayote have created more than a thousand colorful hand-drawn, colorful e-gadfly etchings. Art gallery exhibits can be accessed in the archives of Ascent Aspirations, Listen and Be Heard, New Verse News, Poetry Cemetery and Avant-Garde Times. Published covers and graphics artwork have appeared in Dance to Death, Decanto, Eclipse, Poetry Sz and Taj Mahal Review.