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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


by Captain Barefoot

for Jack Mueller

i. Green Tea Party

Let’s take back
the flag
& celebrate the wind

Honor the paradox
of this imperfect

free for all
& indivisible

ii. Take No Prisoners

Yes I want to
move to
a balanced bud jet

from the future’s
a furtive kind of pederasty

screwing our kids’
Aint no excuse

unless it’s another war
& for war
we always say yes

iii. Highway 145 Apotheosis

Sitting on our bull butts
& buttons & wheels

Looking out the windshield’s
as close to gods & goddesses
as we’re gonna get
this ride

iv. Manifest Destiny

Davenport built the first automobile
a horseless buggy, 1835, & so, if

there’s one ever clear American
icon, it’s on the road again

Exporting the regulated anarchy
of one vote, two cars, as a front for

the depleted precision of manu-
factured military arms virumque cano

Captain Barefoot identifies himself among the Union of Street Poets, Vincent St. John Local, Colorado Plateau, Aztlan Kuksu Brigade (Ret.), Cloud House, San Francisco, Shasta Nation, Pacific Rim.