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Sunday, August 21, 2011


by Richard Ilnicki

A convulsing brain on display
Exposes two enigmatic hemispheres
Revealing thoughts laid bare around the globe,
Convolutions of proud thoughtful strangulations.
The autonomic shocks of galvanic fear engender
A sudden onset of unconsciousness
As the people fall down on shattered kneecaps;

Like dominoes in the desert
They fall-in behind their charismatic leader
Who violently seizes them by the throat like a wolf.
Molded by his manipulative psychotic touch
They have become subservient clay figures
Baked and hardened in ovens.
It appears he may have even slain them in the spirit!

The mysophobic fear of the truth as dirt
Breeds a paranoid motivation to be clean.
So willingly they swallow his purgatives.
His recurrent paroxysmal dysfunctional behavior
Has opened their minds like a can opener
To metaphysically spiritual sensory phenomena,
The bent spoon philosophy of man as God.
Logic and reason have been neutered by fear,
And malignant narcissism rules the day.

It appears he has touched a nerve
Buried deep in the commonality of man, some exposed root
Where the moon’s dark side emerges bathed in gas,
And antagonistic muscle groups contract spasmodically;
The fibers and filaments rip, tear and spasm
Without opportunity for repair,
But there are constant reminders
That gain comes from pain, even one's own.

His abnormal discharges, at first petards,
Innocuous tiny firecrackers, continued for years,
Like father like son,
Until there was a guttural noise quaking the land,
The sound of contracted respiratory muscles
Forcing desperate exhalations,
And a sonorous revolutionary cry
For help heard around the world.

Richard Ilnicki is husband, father, grandfather, health club manager/personal trainer whose best friend, besides his wife, is his dog Jimmy.