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Friday, March 30, 2012


Poem by Charles Frederickson; Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote 

nobody needs another unnecessary war
as first not last resort
iraq afghanistan 6,300 american troops
killed 50,000 wounded miscalculated casualties

nobody’s keeping tabs $3 trillion+
taxpayer greenbacks devastating human misery
sufi<->sunni warfare discounting welfare
diatribe not dialog manipulating mediation

nobody absolves outlandish oily motives
tit-4-tat revenge retribution retaliation undermining
hormuz strait gas guzzler overflow
global eke-conomy quicksand black-gold sinkholes

nobody can justify terrorist acts
endgame blame works both ways
covert proxy cold cyber-war meltdown
cooperative bargaining doesn’t compromise appeasement

nobody acknowledges untruthful falsehood consequences
military political bombastic nuclear reactions
cyber-espionage stuxnet computer worm virus
homespun dervishes swirling remotely out-of-control

nobody cares what you know
until they know you care
bringing outer world inner peace
premature judgments tipping powerless imbalance

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