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Sunday, March 25, 2012


by Captain Barefoot

As regards Persia
versus the US & its Free World
allies in Empire

Sir Harold Evan’s The Week reports
“mixed messages”
Gen. Dempsey warns Tel Aviv

against blitzkrieg. “Let
the sanctions work,” he says
strong-arming Israel instead of Iran

Gen. Hejazi warns those with bases
like a nuclear necklace around its borders
“We do not wait for enemies

to strike us,” channeling Ali Khameinei
The One Percent’s Financial Times  wants Teheran
to submit to UN inspections, but

argues strongly for a civilian nuke industry
“which is popular with Iranian citizens”
The Wall Street Journal faults

the Dems as “weak” for publicly hooding
their Jerusalem hawks & argues our delay
“may drive Israel’s leaders to strike sooner”

The New York Post believes Obama’s
bit the Persian bait. Cut the line, they say
“Iran’s been playing this game since 2006”

Khamenei’s steeped in his “Death to America”
worldview, says Reuters & the Ayatollah
will stop at nothing defending Islam’s purity

But the international sanctions are working
according to the worldly New York Times
“crippling economic pressure mounts”

agrees the Ninety-Nine Percent
Some of whom still remember
the Cold War lesson

suggests the Washington Post
Do they want a bomb to strike first
or to keep the bombs from falling?

Buying in perhaps
to the “protection” afforded us
in “mutually assured destruction”

Captain Barefoot identifies himself among the Union of Street Poets, Vincent St. John Local, Colorado Plateau, Aztlan Kuksu Brigade (Ret.), Cloud House, San Francisco, Shasta Nation, Pacific Rim.