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Saturday, September 08, 2012

HUG$ & HI$$e$

by Charles Frederickson

Wriggletto soap opera frothy sidewinders
Leaving Hiss Off campain trail
Behind aspirin healing medicine elixirs
Unanswered preyers regurgitating chronic skullduggery

GOPythons tight squeeze neocon reptileublicans
Blueblood donors milking up-scale coffers
Rattler Romney apple python Ryanaconda
Wranglers charming poisonality diamondback zircons

Uncivil serpent twisted forked tongues
Vindshield VIPers cottonmouth promises bent
Fangs for the blurry memories
Deep throats swallowing spitfire venom

Unconventional bushmasters lounge lizard fossils
Skinflints molt shedding underpaid taxation
Bullyrag Warriors donning camouflage fatigues
House of Reptiles casino financed

Obamanaconda demokraits without legs to
Stand on lacking eyelids eardrums
To boa or not to
Pollcats tipping rigged overlapping scales

Black mamba smooth velvety texture
Red yellow brown rainbow coalition
Sum things don’t adder up
Plus minus unequal rights wronged

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