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Friday, July 04, 2014


by Saknarin Chinayote & Charles Frederickson

There are no innocent victims
Pure humble simple childhood wonderment
Started off believing everything’s possible
Borrowed time eventually catching up

Church basement abuse sinful shame
Masking guilty evil lurking within
Everyone bringing favorite trademark dish
Leftover peace scrambling for crumbs

Vulnerable decalcified bone marrow transplants
Refusing to betray innermost voices
Illegal immoral hollow echo challenges
Courage to resist declaring NO

Perilous potluck newfound old world
Starved slaughtered terrorized tortured traumatized
Conscientious objectors demoralized degraded dehumanized
Shrieking demons disquieted switching sides

Blessed meek claiming pristine inheritance
Greedily squandered by sexploitive adulterers
Natural habitat sabotaged suffering neglect
Conservation eco-environmental awareness recycling past

There are no innocent dead
Passing from presence to absence
In-limbo dissonant heartbeats throbbing oblivion
Willing to look behind beyond

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