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Saturday, September 13, 2014


by Mary McLean

As we drove home from Edinburgh

following the Fringe,

romantic jingoism sparked

a Scottish music binge.

Our CD player blasted out

the Corries' famous song

putting Proud Edward in his place,

and we both sang along. 

We chose Proclaimers' Greatest Hits

to carry on the mood,

neglecting to eject the Corries

first. Now both are screwed.

The Corries, on the bottom, we

can listen to; but then,

no more CDs will ever ever

ever play again.

Think about it, Scotland, in

the coming referendum.

A Yes vote might feel satisfying

now, with the momentum

of national pride; you'll still have oil;

you'll win some golds at curling;

but do you want to live your lives

stuck On the Brig o' Stirling?

Mary McLean grew up outside Washington DC and now works as a scientist at the University of Cambridge. Her poems have appeared in Mezzo Cammin, Light and Lighten Up Online.