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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


by Charles Frederickson

All four of my grandparents
Were born in Sweden great-grandfather
Member of Svenska parliament Midnight
Sun legislators making heritage proud

Declared intention to recognize Palestinian
Statehood long overdue illegal settlements
Extending far beyond green line
Contrary to genuine peaceful desire

Netanyahu slams Sweden’s unilateral steps
Contrarian going against universalistic values
Ambrose Bierce defined un-American as
Wicked intolerable Heathen Garrison Keillor

Opined I think the most
Un-American thing you can say
Is You can’t say that
Burt Lancaster dared to ask

Can anything be more un-American
Than the House un-American Committee
Fred Swedish for peaceful harmony
Shalom Salaam pax on you

Islam isn’t the major problem
Combating hateful violence is
Shared principles justice compassion tolerance
Require respectful dignity without exception

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